Renewable energy

In the field of renewable energies, wind and photovoltaic projects are the main focus of my work. In the past, I have advised project developers and general contractors, as well as landowners.

Our consulting services for project developers:

  • Drafting of contracts for securing the required areas (particularly roof areas) taking into account the requirements of banks providing external financing
  • Preparation of cooperation agreements with municipal utilities and urban development contracts
  • Support in the purchase contract negotiations with the manufacturers of the equipment
  • Corporate law support for operating companies (e.g. GmbH & Co. KGs)
  • Purchase and assignment agreements for shares in operating companies

Our consulting service for land owners:

  • Advice on the conclusion of long-term leases for the use of land for the construction of wind and photovoltaic systems
  • Legal protection of the essential interests of the Land/property-owner for the payment of the user fee, for indemnity and the dismantling of the facilities